Thursday, December 6, 2007

Reflections on 2007


I think I did quite good reflection I had good information about my year but I kept on moving while I was being filmed and it was quite distracting to watch.
I think when I look back at it next year it will just bring back so many memories so after all I think it was quite a good reflection.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

My ESSAY evaluation

Evaluation: I think my persuasive ESSAY has a few meaningful things in it but some parts of it aren’t persuasive at all. Next time I will choose a better topic where I can come up with more ideas.

If you look down two post there is my ESSAY so you can read it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Global Warming as a myth - excellent video

This video is extremely thought-provoking.
What you think Berts?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My persuasive writing

Why kids Should Get More Pocket Money.

Dear Mum and Dad

$5 a week its not enough I think that kids should get at least $15 a week because if we don’t we will be begging you all through the week for more money because we don’t get enough pocket money.

If we get $15 dollars a week I think that kids could save $5 a week and then have $10 dollars to spend during the week and also if you think about it if we do the ironing, the dishes, the washing, wash the car, feed the pets, and loads more its not worth $5 its at LEAST worth $10.

I get only get $5 and it is not enough and as I have said before I am always begging for money from my mum and dad to get extra things like sweets and magazines.

To make sure that you do your jobs you could keep a chart and put a sticker or a tick or something every time you do a job and say if you get over 30 stickers you get your full allowance but if you get say under 30 you don’t get your full allowance. So you make sure you don’t get your money for nothing.

If we $15 it would be better off for you because we could buy our own clothes because we would be building up money every week it would teach us the value of money and you wouldn’t get a dent in your wallet every time we ask for money.

So as I am telling you why don’t you just save the hassle and give your child more pocket money.

By Bertie

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Key competencies

Flexible:I think I have become way more Flexible this year because I have heaps of things on and I can Get to all of the things on time or tell them that I can't come.

Self responsible:I think I have become more self responsible because at the start of the year my Mum did like HEAPS of stuff for me and now I do most stuff for myself now.

Maths: I think I have become more good at math because last year I was in the second best Maths group and this year I am ion the top 13 Math pupils in the school.

Positive: I think I have be a more positive learner in the class because I have fun doing work and I try not to complain when we do something boring.

Creator: I think I have become more of a creator because I Because I imagine things and then I try to build them

Responsible risk taker: I think I have become a more responsible risk taker because most of the time I think before I do things.

P.E: I think I have Improved on my P.E because at the moment we are doing skipping and I was the first one to do double dutch probably and I can also do it reeeeeeeealy fast.

Technology: I think i have got better with technology because last year I used to like NEVER go on the computer and this year I go on quite often and my typing has improved so much.

Languages: I think I have been getting better with languages because with Kapa Haka I have been pronouncing the words properly and stuff like that.

Comunicater: I think I have become a better comunicater because by using blogger and sharing ideas in class meeting.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bertie's Term 4 school goal

another one of my home goals is to do my homework and get it in on time.
I will achieve this by doing my homework from 6:00 to 6:30 or a time like that every night.
I will know I have achieved this when I don't need to ask for an extension and my homework is quality.

Bertie's Term 4 school goal

My first school goal is to concentrate more in class so I can get more work done.
I will achieve this by if someone starts talking to me I will just ignore them or tell them to be quiet.
I will know I have achieved this when I'm not behind in work.